These fun pieces are always $75 bucks!
They're culled from a few photos and bits of info about personality

Black Sheep Cleaner


Starting at $90, these portraits are photorealistic. They're created digitally and can be sent to you through email. The great thing about having the file is that you can print multiple copies in any size of your choosing! The more detail/background information/people & animals, the higher the price, within reason :)


hand-painted & drawn

from photos

How to order:

  • price depends on size and complexity, but starting scale is below.
  •  portraits can be made any size 

  • prices listed are for single figure & very simple or white background 

  • add $100 for each additional figure

  • additional cost for paper mounted on wood panel.

Step 1: Email me your photo

mincwork@gmail.com or info@minc.work


Step 2: Payment

I will reply to your email with an invoice itemizing:

  • 3% Processing tax
  • Packaging and Insurance
  • Shipping (USPS Priority with tracking)

You may pay via this site or you may use PayPal.
I can send a custom PayPal link to use.
I also accept Square & personal checks.

Payment must be received in order for me to START on your piece

Helpful tips regarding photos:

  • Separate figures from different photos can be combined into one painting

  • I don’t need more than 1 of each figure. (If you have multiple, I'd love to choose.)
  • Dark, blurry or cell phone photos are more difficult to work from, but not impossible
  • If the figure is no longer with us, we will make do with what is available


watercolor on paper

$100 for 8x10" or 9x9"

$150 for 9x11 or 10x10"

$200 for 10x12 or 11x11"

$250 for 11x13" or 12x12"

$300 for 12x14" or 13x13"

$350 for 13x15" or 14x14"

$400 for 14x16" or 15x15"

$450 for 15x17" or 16x16"

$500 for 16x18" or 17x17"

$550 for 17x19" or 18x18"


(and so on in $50 increments)

Graphite drawing

$100 for 8x10" or 9x9"

$125 for 9x11" or 10x10"

$150 for 10x12" or 11x11"

$175 for 11x13" or 12x12"

and so on in increments of $25

horse lady.jpg

Above example of human portraits

email me with any questions!


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