Happy 2018!

I'm baaaaack.

2017 marked a huge transition in my life. I moved to Portland a year ago today.
I started minc.work with one portrait of my dog, Grover, who I missed SO MUCH. 
With about $400, I've managed to get a business off the ground that people patronize from around the country. I've built a brand and am incorporating. With new endeavors brewing (like a line of wrapping paper and fabric, enamel pins and greeting cards, plus posters and prints and calendars,) I'm so excited to say - I LOVE MY JOB.

I'm also trying to build a portfolio of work for editorial and print illustration as well as some great work to try to get represented by a kids literary agent. More on that soon. I just did this cute doggo as part of a parade of dogs and kids that will be finished soon. For now, a sketch. 

Happy New Year!