Day 6: November 6

What in nature are you grateful for?

Nature is where I connect to my higher power. Where I feel my small-ness. Where I can let go of the chatter in my mind. 

Sometimes, when I meditate, I like to hover above myself, like depictions of an out of body experience. If I'm inside, I slowly get sucked out an open window into the outdoors. If I'm outside, I hover at a greater distance. Slowly, I zoom out. I become smaller and smaller, like Powers of Ten

Sometimes, I leave the place my body is in. For example, I see Los Angeles from above, then start to fly away like when I'm on a plane, to the desert. I fly farther up like an ascending eagle. I have a more complete view of things this way. 

My friend who was an addict and schizophrenic killed himself and that was on my resentment list and when I asked my sponsor how to make amends, she said go to his grave site and tell him “I know you see the big picture now.”

When we zoom out, everything is not only as it should be, but is tremendously wonderful and divinely inspired. our problems, like the Eames film, are the size of a skin cell to this vast Universe.