How to Use Another Artists Color Without Wasting Their Flavor

I've talked a lot about how to find inspiration from someone else's work without biting their style.
This image below inspired me to make a little painting last night to learn more how this person works. Though it's not really a portfolio piece, I got to learn a lot from this artist's palette and motif of plants. 
I do things very differently from them, and that's a big factor to why they're quite different. In college, I was always taught that to learn from a painter, mimic their style and you will learn a lot about them, then use what you learned to apply it to your own style. 
What comes of this exercise should also be informative about what types of images you are drawn to in the first place. For example, I love drawing plants. 

How to Use Another Artists Color 1

So, naturally (ha) I loved this work from a kids book, as well as other spreads and pages.
I chose this one because of the colors, so what I did was imported it into Procreate and color-picked many of the main colors in this composition. 

I then delete the image entirely. This helps me not copy the style too closely. I have studied it and now it's time to apply what I saw. I did end up using a similar composition, although I think the depth of field is a bit longer in mine, plus there are no figures. I had started with one, but felt for the composition, maybe it was going to be more fun and interesting for me to do if it was just a nature study. 

This took me a few episodes of a TV show to do, so it's really more of a sketch than anything.

square forest study

What is always surprising to me about the color studies is that once I turn off the image layer, my color choices really vary from the source in terms of which to use more or less, how thick or thin to use certain colors, etc. Plus, I think the original is not a digital art piece. It looks a lot like traditional drawing and painting. 

Fantasy landscape

Worked all day on this and the website. Time for beddy-bye. Xo zzz


Weekly Illo Inspa!

I met a wonderful woman artist ERICA ROOT
while taking a class from Make Art That Sells.

Once the class was over, she decided we needed a weekly art prompt.
The 100 Day Project was way too overwhelming for me. I draw almost every day.

Check out the IG @illobites if you want to join!
This week's prompt is STACK. 

(Which is my mother's maiden name.)

I am thinking of pancakes...

Here's last week's: UNDER




A little over a year ago, I decided to launch Minc Work.
Since, I've developed quite a variety of works and avenues or modes to work.
I've just redesigned the site and added tons of new work so I can show it to the world and prospective agencies and art directors. 
I feel I have developed a clearer picture of personal style.
I've had a LOT of fun.
I've spent a LOT of hours hunched over a tablet or watercolor block!
I've hocked my wares in public and done live demos.
It's been awesome.
Now I'm ready to take the show on the road. (Please feel free to share my site with anyone! But don't repost my work without crediting me, please!)
I'm so happy I get to do what I love and that I can see such rapid progress in the direction I had been putting off for so long, but was truly a dream of mine. I'm DOING it! I can't believe it!

Where it all started- a portrait of Ramen noodle, the golden doodle,
And one of my most recent pieces on the right of a warrior woman with border collies.


Getting Inspired

Sometimes being an illustrator is hard because we have to work on assignments that are not immediately inspiring to us. I got a few objects to try to connect somehow in my MATS Bootcamp class and though I deviated from the original objects a bunch, I was able to create some sketches of things that I thought were kinda cute. 


How excited can I possibly be?

Grab yours in the SHOP!


Enamel Pin Mockup 1.jpg

Happy 2018!

I'm baaaaack.

2017 marked a huge transition in my life. I moved to Portland a year ago today.
I started with one portrait of my dog, Grover, who I missed SO MUCH. 
With about $400, I've managed to get a business off the ground that people patronize from around the country. I've built a brand and am incorporating. With new endeavors brewing (like a line of wrapping paper and fabric, enamel pins and greeting cards, plus posters and prints and calendars,) I'm so excited to say - I LOVE MY JOB.

I'm also trying to build a portfolio of work for editorial and print illustration as well as some great work to try to get represented by a kids literary agent. More on that soon. I just did this cute doggo as part of a parade of dogs and kids that will be finished soon. For now, a sketch. 

Happy New Year!

days 14-18: whoops!

Hi everyone!
I've been super sick, so I'm gonna post a bunch of images, made just for this 30 days of gratitude challenge all at once. Whoops! 5 days without making stuff, (I've been sketching in bed, though,) makes me feel a bit behind! But, even my idols have lapses in creativity challenges. That's why it's called a challenge!

I'm also going to start doing the weekly color challenge from ColourCollective, which I've been getting inspired by on Twitter. This week's is Alice Blue. Check them out on Twitter @colour_collective #colourcollective

Alright, here are the topics:

Day 14: What sight are you grateful for? Downtown Portland skyline

Day 15: What season are you grateful for? Fall!

Day 16: What about your body are you grateful for? My eyes :)

Day 17: What knowledge are you grateful for? I am enough.

Day 18: What piece of art are you grateful for? The one I'm working on at any given time!

Here's how I put it all together!:

grat challenge 14-18.jpg

Day 12 : November 12

What texture are you grateful for?


That really fluffy synthetic polar fleece.


Day 13: November 13

What abilities are you grateful for?

Obviously, my art skills. 
And I can see the world differently than most people do as a creative person.


Day 11 : November 11

A holiday you’re grateful for: New Year's Day

New chances. Every year. Every day, even. 

New Years.jpg

Day 10: November 10

What taste are you grateful for?

Violet gum

Reminds me of a little candy store in Salt Lake by Kayo gallery, where I curated a show many many years ago. I can't remember the name of the shop, but the girl who ran it was so nice and all the cute little things she sold there were so quaint. 

Violet gum.jpg

Day 9 : November 9

What place are you most grateful for?

Trying to figure out how to interpret this one. Where am I grateful it exists? Some of the Samoan islands that will soon be under the sea. :(

Where was the coolest place I've ever been? Istanbul, Turkey

Where is the most peaceful place I've ever been? Snowmass, Colorado

Where was the last place I fell in love? Los Osos, California...

How about this one.


Day 8: November 8

What book are you most grateful for?

Man's Search for Meaning, Viktor Frankl

Got me through an incredibly hard time. Set in the Holocaust, a prominent psychoanalyst is confronted with the moral question- why do good in a bad world? His theory is that we choose at every moment whether to do the right thing or not. And that choosing to do the right thing each moment, we are able to lead fulfilled lives, even in the face of darkness.



meaning of suffering.jpg